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The Grand Duchy of The Lagoan Isles

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Fact File:

Governmental Facts

  • Head of State: H.R.H. Grand Duke Louis Robert Harold Stephens of The Lagoan Isles
  • Prime Minister: Rt. Hon. Daryl A. Vokes MLP
  • Capital: Beeney St. Georges
  • National Day: 16th August (date of unification)
  • Legal System: Based on Common British law
  • Executive Branch: Consitutional Monrachy with council of ministers recommended by the Prime minister and elected by the Grand Duke. The privy council advises the royal family on political issuses, and is formed of four retired MLP's, chosen by the head of state.

Geographical Facts
  • Location: Lying south of Tangier Road in Portsmouth, England  the pond covers two and a half acres, with The Isles situated in the middle.
  • Grid Reference: SU 6601-63
  • Climate: modified continental with mild winters, cool summers
  • Terrain: mostly gently rolling uplands with broad, shallow valleys
  • Natural Hazards: flooding
  • Environmental Issues: Current water pollution around shores, due to botulism and littering from the British mainland.

Population Facts
  • Number of citizens (as stands): 30
  • Age structure: 0-16 yrs = 8% 16-30 yrs = 66% 30-50 yrs = 15% 50+ yrs = 10%
  • Population growth: 75% (based on 2006 report)
  • Birthrate: 0
  • Nationality: noun - Lagoan(s)  adjective - Lagoa
  • Ethnic Groups: British, Hong Kongian, American 
  • Religion: Protestant = 53%, Roman Catholic = 6%, Agnostic = 22%, Atheist = 15%, Hindu = 3% 
  • Language: English (official), Lagoan (regional)
  • Literacy: 100% by the age of 16

List of Citizens
  1. H.R.H. Grand Duke Louis
  2. H.R.H. Princess Bridie-Louisa GOS
  3. H.R.H. Princess Tilly GOS
  4. H.H. Prince Gregory of St. Pirans MLP
  5. His Grace the Earl of Whitecliff
  6. His Grace the Marquis de Mertle
  7. Rt. Hon. Daryl Vokes MLP
  8. Rt. Hon. Joel Byngere MLP
  9. Rt. Hon. Baron Von Chesterfield MLP
  10. Rt. Hon. George Stephenson RBLI
  11. His Excellency Nathan Bones
  12. His Excellency Stewart Penn
  13. His Excellency Wai Mann
  14. Her Excellency Sarah Lambert
  15. Her Excellency Dinali Creech
  16. Her Excellency Laura Hickey
  17. His Excellency Steven O'Brian
  18. Her Excellency Alice Chadwick
  19. Her Excellency Emma Holland GOS
  20. Dr. Alasdair Brooks GOS
  21. Dr. George Nelson
  22. Mr Jordan Penny
  23. Mr Brett Holtom
  24. Mr James Saunders BSc (Hons)
  25. Mrs Claire Saunders BSc (Hons)
  26. Mr Ben Staniford
  27. Mrs Julie Staniford
  28. Miss Lisa Ranft
  29. Mr Andrew Thorpe
  30. Mrs Rebekka Thorpe
  31. Ms Caroline Malone
  32. Capt. Dean Hillier
  33. Master Lee Hansford
  34. Mr David Priest - 'wise man of the isles'
  35. Miss Hayley Harvey
  36. Mr. Jacker Beany Stephenson
  37. Mrs Jeannie Gandar


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