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The Grand Duchy of The Lagoan Isles

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National symbols play an important part in any nation, and ours is no exception. The symbols you see on this page represent the country as a whole; to view royal symbols and warrents, please browse the Government pages.

Flags to many are the most important symbol of a nation, possibly because it's the one regularly seen. Different flags are flown for different occassions, different organisations and for different people. The Lagoan Isles have three main flags: The Royal Standard of The Isles, The National Lagoan Flag and the Royal Peace Ensign. Click above to find out more. 

National Birds and Trees are symbolic of many nations across the world and micronations are no acception. The national bird and tree are great symbold of The Lagoan Isles and are of great significance. Read the link above to find out more about these prestigious images.

The National Lagoan Isles arms and seals, are symbols representing different national organisations and offices; these do not include personal symbols used by members of the royal family. In the past these symbols would have been used on the battle-ground to make the enemy, or allies, aware of whom they were fighting. In modern times they are used to represent a certain Office of State, to clearly show the public who they are, and what they do.


Our National anthem is based on the popular tune used for the national anthems of The United Kingdom and Principality of Litchenstien. The composer of the musical score is unknown, but was adopted on the day of independance. The anthem message covers the theme of love. Our love for our nation, monarchy and higher power.

National Motto

''As ondas do amor cercam-nos''

The national motto in English simply means ''The water of love surrounds us.'' This is a simple but profound message, telling the world who we are and our core belief of love eternal!

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