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The Grand Duchy of The Lagoan Isles

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Here is a sample of pieces from the Royal Collection and pictures taken of Chilcote House - The Royal Family's simple, but palacial home... 


Chilcote House at Night
This is a picture of the Royal Palace - Chilcote House taken from the United Kingdom mainland. From this picture you can clearly see the lakeside facade, which houses the state rooms, from which The Royal Family entertain guests.


The Shingle Gardens & Courtyard
To the side of Chilcote House lays the shingle gardens, which were built and are regularly maintained by TRH Princesses Tilly and Bridie, to mark The Grand Duke's birthday (28th Auguest). The courtyard is used for informal gatherings, parties and al fresco dinners.


The Mallard Entrance
This is the official entrance to the Palace, and is used for welcoming guest. The car drive infront of the house links to the islands jetty to the mainland, which is lined with Lagoan flags.

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