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The Grand Duchy of The Lagoan Isles

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On this page, we'll provide pictures of, and information about, the people who lead our nation.

Role of the Monarchy
The Grand Duke is the Lagoan Isles Head of State. As well as carrying out significant constitutional functions, The Grand Duke also acts as a focus for national unity, presiding at ceremonial occasions, visiting local communities and representing the Lagoan people around the world.

Behind and in front of the cameras, The Grand Duke's work goes on, and no two days in The Grand Duke's working life are ever the same.

Many of the most familiar objects and events in national life incorporate Royal symbols or represent the Monarchy in some way. Flags, coats of arms, the crowns and treasures used at coronations and some ceremonies, stamps, coins and the singing of the national anthem have strong associations with the Monarchy and play a significant part in our daily existence. Other objects - such as the Great Seal of the Isles - may be less familiar to the general public but still have a powerful symbolic role.

Royal Profiles

H.R.H. Grand Duke Louis

H.R.H. Princess Bridie-Louisa

H.R.H. Princess Tilly

The Royal Collection is the finest art collection in the whole od The Lagoan Isles, and is held in trust by The Grand Duke as Sovereign for his successors and the nation. It is on public display at the principal royal residences and is shown in a programme of special exhibitions and through loans to institutions around the isles. 
The Royal Residences associated with today's Royal Family are divided into occupied Royal residences, which are held in trust for future generations, and private estates which have been handed down to The Grand Duke by earlier generations of the Royal Family.

Beautifully furnished with treasures from the Royal Collection, they include Chilcote House and Pompey Palace. Most of the Royal residences are not open to the public.


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