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The Grand Duchy of The Lagoan Isles

Lagoan News in Pictures!

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Lagoan News

Below are a selection of pictures issued by the Lagoan Royal Press Office, in relation to the many news stories across the islands.

Grand Duke's Christmas & New Year Picture
The Grand Duke poses in the lavishly decorated red drawing room for his anual New Years picture. His Royal Highness, along with members of the royal family and distinguished guests enjoyed an evening of good food, wine and entertainment.
Christmas Portrait
His Royal Highness raises a glass to Christmas and the New Year on the day the communications officer released the content of the Royal New Years Speech - which is to be placed on this website on January 1st.2007
Grand Duke's Birthday!
The Grand Duke, accompanied by his sisters, Princesses Bridie and Tilly, review an informal guard of honour on the occassion of the Grand Duke's 21st birthday. The royal party visited windsor and conducted an informal walk-about.
Grand Duke's Birthday!
After the walk-about the Grand Duke, along with the royal party were entertained at a river-side restaurant. The Royal Family insisted on eating with members of the general public. One fellow diner told our reporter; ''I can't believe it, they're just like you and me.''
A copy of the menu for the royal luncheon can be obtained by contacting the royal press office.
Grand Duke's Birthday!
An informally dressed Royal Family pose for formal birthday pictures, with Windsor hight-street and the river Thames in the backgroud.

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