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The Grand Duchy of The Lagoan Isles

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3rd February
Lagoan Laughing Day
They say that laughing is good - so we have a whole day of laughing!
a whole day of listening to the song 'I love to Laugh' from the timeless film 'Mary Poppins'
8th March
National Day of the Swan
A chance to be at one with nature, and treasure our national bird
Bird feeding
15th May
National Peace Day
A day to make love not war!
to be announced
27th July
National Hugging Day
A day to simply hug!
national hug-a-thon
16th August
Lagoan Day!
Official independence day celebrations.
Flags waving, songs-a-singing - parades and parties galore
28th August
Grand Duke's Birthday
Official day to congratulate our sovereign
Royal tea-party with Birthday Cake!

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