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The Lagoan Isles go Global!

Tuesday 19th September 2006

The Royal Household had leanred today that the famouse travel publishers 'Lonely Planet' have produced a guide to micronations. This guide (without the knowledge of the Grand Duke, or his government) contains information about our small nation. This has also attracted the attention of UK national press, with coverage in The Guardian newspaper. Click the links below to view the article or buy the book:

Hand of Friendship Recieved
Monday 18th September 2006
The Grand Duke and the royal household, recieved two offers of hands of friendship today on their return from their annual summer vacation. The Grand Duke is said to be ''Thrilled'' and has personally contacted the Heads of State of the respective countries.
Look at 'The News in Pictures' for greater insight 


Wenesday 20th September 2006

The global giant that is wikipedia has decided to allow the government to place a Lagoan section on to their website. This can only link us even more to other likeminded countries, and help us strive further for international recognition.

Eastern Delights Charm Grand Duke

Wenesday 25th October 2006

His Royal Highness today met with a journalist from STAR TV, Asia's largest television network. Ms. Malone had flown the seven thousand miles from Hong Hong to interview the Grand Duke. On Ms. Malone's arrival His Royal Highness greeted her with the welcoming gift of half a douzen ducks eggs, which were greatly recieved by Ms. Malone and her party.
Coffee was then taken by the Royal party at a local drinking establishment; where the interview took place under tight security. The visit will only strengthen the claims of the Lagoan people, and the sovernty of our nation.
Pictures of the media trip (the first made to the Lagoan Isles) will be available soon).

Micronation Forum Set-up

Wenesday 6th December 2006

The royal communications Officer, Miss E Holland has today been informed of a new website for citizens of micronations. After some consultation with the Grand Duke, and ministers of state, we feel this to be a great micronation development. You, as citizens, will be able to share ideas, and inturn can email us and tell us what we are doing right, or indeed what we are doing wrong!

Lagoan Cricket Board Founded

Wednesday 3rd January 2007

The royal communications Officer, Miss E Holland has today announced on behalf of cricket-loving Grand Duke Louis, that a Lagoan Cricket Board has been set up. This board heads the Lagoan National Cricket team, who are a real team in Victoria, Australia, who play on behalf of our nation! Cheer them on and follow them from the website link below:

Have some news? Contact the Royal Communications Officer:

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