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The Grand Duchy of The Lagoan Isles

Lagoan National Bird & Tree

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To adopt local fauna and flora as our national bird and tree is a bold step; and one which puts The rand Duchy on par with other micronation states. This allows us to show our friends and allies that we, the Lagoan people, are proud of our natural habitat and flourishing wildlife.


Due to The Lagoan Isles long history with all things aquatic, the government, with the backing of the privy council and by gracious permission of the Grand Duke; has decided to adopt the swan as our national bird. We feel that this majestic bird symbolises all it is to be a Lagoan. Proud, Pure and Protective of one another!


The Weeping Willow was chosen as the national tree of The Lagoan Isles on 19th August 2005, to coincide with the birthday of The Grand Duke's father. The Willow was adopted due to its abundence on all three islands. It also represents the Isles well, as its robust but calming nature reflect that of the citizens of The Lagoans.

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