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The Grand Duchy of The Lagoan Isles

Flags of The Lagoan Isles

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How are flags designed, and what do they represent....?

Royal Lagoan Standard


The Royal Lagoan Standard is the personal standard of the royal family, and may only be flown either by permission of The Grand Duke, or when ever a member of the royal family is in residence at a national building. The blue and purple stripes at the foot of the flag represent the water the surrounds the isles and the royal perogative (in that order). The royal coat of arms is situated above the two stripes on a white background, to symbolise the structure of The Lagoan Isles parliamentary system.

National Flag (Lagoan Cross)


The national flag of The Lagoan Isles was partly designed by the Grand Duke himself, and is a testimony to our nation, which prides itself in its island status. The white background represents, purity and transparency of the nation. The blue cross depicts both the influence of the local churches, and the water intercepting our islands. The deep blue colour is a reminder of the watery depths that surround us. The purple boarder surrounding the azzure cross represents the protection of the monarchy over our nation and their unfailing support. The golden crown in the topleft-hand corner represents our strong and steadfast system of government.

Lagoan Peace Ensign


As The Lagoan Isles refrain from, and actively discourage, the use of the armed forces; the country does not have any military standards or flags. Instead The Grand Duke set up the Royal Peace Corps, and this flag flies when the peace corps is in session. As the Grand Duke heads the corps, both the royal standard and the national flag flies alongside the peace ensign. The national colours radiate from the crown showing that all the nation, from the royal family down is peaceful and against all military action.

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