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The Grand Duchy of The Lagoan Isles

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The Royal Lagoan Foreign Office, more commonly known as the Foreign Office (or the RLFO), is the Lagoan Isles' government  department  responsible for promoting the interests of the The Lagoan Isles abroad. The head of the RLFO is the Secretary of State for Foreign affairs, which is commonly abbreviated to Foreign Secretary. This position is traditionally regarded as one of the three most prestigious appointments in the cabinet below that of Prime Minister, alongside those of Finance Secretary and Home Secretary.


statesman joel.jpg
The Rt. Hon. Joel B. is The Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. He has a vast and varied background; which makes him well suited to his position. With strong links to many European and African nation, Mr B's dyplomaic relations are second to none.

A picture of the Foreign Secretary, mingling with members of his office

As well as trying to gain recognition from United Nation states, the foreign secretary, with the gracious permission of The Grand Duke, and aided by Rt. Hon. Emma Holland GOS, has sent out a Lagoan Isles 'Hand-of-Friendship' to other micronation states. These friendship links, we hope, will help us build immortal links between our fellow micronations, 'Together we Stand as One'
Below are links to our sister-nations' websites:

National Flag

Official Name & Website

Treaty Signed...

Republic of Molossia

Signed on 5th December 2005, between H.R.H. Grand Duke Louis and His Excellency, President Kevin Baugh

Grand Duchy of Farallonus

Signed 16th August 2005 between H.R.H. Grand Duke Louis and H.R.H. Grand Duke Mark.

Kingdom of Lovely

Signed 1st September 2005 between H.R.H. Grand Duke Louis and H.M. King Danny

Kingdom of Riboalte

Signed 25th April 2006 between H.R.H. Grand Duke Louis and H.M. King Joan II

Grand Duchy of Elsanor

Signed 28th April 2006 between H.R.H. Grand Duke Louis and The Elsanor Government

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