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The Grand Duchy of The Lagoan Isles


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Our nation has a long and varied history; including it emerging as the micronation isles we see today. But how did Grand Duke Louis stake his claim to the isles; and what were the islands like pre-idependance?

  • 1738 - 1912 (approx) - Baffins Pond, changes hands a few times, originally belonging to Milton Manor, and in the late 19th century used by various local farmers.
  • 1912 - 1938 - Baffins pond becomes a local park for Portsmouth residents; and in 1938 is saved through petition, and sold to the corporation for 5,000. This stopped the demolition of the isles and pond.
  • 1938 - 1970's - The old farm buildings of yesteryear are demolished to make way for new housing. The pond remains, and is modernised to comply with health and safety regulations.
  • 1970's - Aug 16th 2005 - Baffins pond undergoes many alterations, including a fountain and improved walkways. A pond association is also set-up to maintain the levels of wildlife and upkeep of the surroundings. The council last de-silted the pond in 1996; which is when fishermen were last seen at the pond.
  • Present Day - The pond is as thriving as ever, and the local community are very proud of the pond. The islands situated in the middle of the pond are another matter. After reading the websites of King Danny Wallace and Prince Roy of Sealand, Grand Duke Louis realised that the islands in the pond have never been mentioned as owned council land; and so on the 16th August 2005, he claimed them as an Independant Micronation. The name Lagoan means Pond; so the country's literal meaning is Pond Islands.





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